Pioneering software (SDR) GNSS receiver

Software based receiver presents a revolutionary cost- effective solution high flexibility solution, addressing latest trends of miniaturization and low-power consumption. A well suited solution for Location Based Services exploding market and IoT devices. collaborating with leading  DSP  providers for the mobile, digital home and networking markets.

While GPS receivers in the industry are hardware-based, power-hungry, and highly cost-effective. Galileo displays a GPS receiver in software that changes all the rules

• Reduces the cost of the receiver by 90%.
• Allows realization on small processors and minimal power consumption
• With full flexibility in everything related to changing the features and full adaptation of the receiver to the needs of the customer and its product uses (300 KB)
• The receiver is widely used in Korean company products

Indoor GPS navigation system

Relying on our GPS simulator technology and location management server technology we create a mash of transmitter points covering the designated area. Each antenna transmit 4 or more GPS satellite information synthetic data (it is not a repeater) RF signals that represent the antenna geographical X|Y position.

The user device – GPS receiver, not being aware of the signal origin uses the received RF data to calculate the user position as it was designed to.

Satellite Navigation GNSS Simulator

GNSS technology has become very common in Today’s market. From Cell phones to Automotive every manufacturer is considering the incorporation and adding of location awareness to its products.

Testing a product for spec conformance and performance is an important phase before releasing any goods to the market. This applies to the development phase when feature support is developed and to the manufacturing end of line testing.

About Us

GALILEO SATELLITE NAVIGATION (GSN)  develop innovative line of products and solutions, pursuing the well defined civil GNSS/GPS world-wide expanding market. Through significant on-going investments in research and strong customer partnerships, we market our GNSS line of solutions.

GSN was founded by Eli Ariel in 2009 with a goal of developing GNSS technical capabilities and knowhow in Israel what served later on as a strong foundation for GSN to become a commercial company.

The company established and lead two consortium iGalileo and GRAETS. Both consortia brought together leading industrial and academic (iGalileo) partners, combining market access with the most advanced research capabilities.

Our management team

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Galileo develops and markets a variety of unique products for the field of satellite navigation. The Company’s products are designed for easy connection and addition to existing products. While ensuring the creation of flexible application – these solutions are ideal for potential partners who want to add navigation capability to an existing product.

Galileo has been awarded development grants from 3 different countries and is rapidly developing international standards – join us and be part of the family of partners who are navigating forward

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