Satellite Navigation GNSS Simulator

GNSS technology  testing introduces various challenges to goods manufacturers. The satellite signal is not present inside a location and antenna is needed to be placed outside. Cases when receivers are required to support several Satellite constellations when the development location is not in the optimal location for best satellite receipt signal (level, strength, noise, etc) or view (limited number of satellites). Needing to create a stable and well defined environment for generating repeatable measurements is a key to success.

GNSS Simulator provide the user with ability to simulate different satellite constellations in a precise and repeatable way. The user can define the location, time, signal level, noise and many other configurable parameters. Knowing what is simulated and transmitted provides the ground for accurate receiver performance measurement.

Galileo Satellite Navigation developed a unique Simulator approach based on its IP in the GNSS domain. It is a High-dynamics, flexible, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) signal emulator/Simulator that can be used for testing any product that incorporates satellite navigation functionality.

Emulating satellite signals that will be visible to a GNSS receiver in any location in the world, at any time in both past and future, along with any trajectory, including unique high-dynamic trajectories.

Our Simulator delivers reach features competing with high end simulator products yet sold in a reasonable price what makes it affordable to many companies.

GNSS technology has become very common in Today’s market. From Cell phones to Automotive every manufacturer is considering the incorporation and adding of location awareness to its products.

Testing a product for spec conformance and performance is an important phase before releasing any goods to the market. This applies to the development phase when feature support is developed and to the manufacturing end of line testing.

Cooperation and investments

Galileo develops and markets a variety of unique products for the field of satellite navigation. The Company’s products are designed for easy connection and addition to existing products. While ensuring the creation of flexible application – these solutions are ideal for potential partners who want to add navigation capability to an existing product

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