Indoor Navigation

Indoor Navigation is considered the next important breakthrough in navigation. This is immensely important in our daily lives, in marketing and sales, as well as in security and rescue …

All this at an economic value of four times the value of the regular navigation market

Galileo’s registered patent provides a simple solution to the problem that exists today in all parts of the world – how to navigate in areas where there is no GPS reception. The system simply produces GPS signals for transmission within the structure.

The advantage and uniqueness of the system in that it does not require the user to do anything – he can continue to use his GPS receiver with the normal software without the need to change the working mode or even know that it is in the area covered by Galileo

The patent uses the company’s extensive knowledge of the field of satellite navigation and the company’s satellite simulator. Which is already used in security companies

The system allows two-dimensional or three-dimensional layout [including height differences]

The system developed by the company manufactures GPS signal coverage for each space cell where it will be installed using the existing signal distribution infrastructure

Or a simple infrastructure to install. Of unique location transmitters, each containing a micro simulator. Each micro-simulator produces a “sky image” (of GPS satellites) similar to what we would see and receive with an open sky above us when each micro-simulator produces the relevant image to its specific location in space.

The standard GPS receiver on the end-user device picks up the transmitted signals and behaves as though it is receiving satellite signals in an open sky.

From here, the location acquisition process continues to be completely normal by the receiver and the location is displayed on the end-user app.

The location-based advertising market has been growing dizzily in recent years More and more factors are finding the importance in location-targeted advertising of the user Galileo's built-in navigation system enables the creation of an integrated navigation system for a more accurate and fully integrated structure
First aid services are required to provide a quick response and reach exactly where the help is needed Galileo's solution ensures that in an area where there is a Galileo navigation system within the Galilean structure, the rescue forces can reach a person with a location of less than two meters
We spend most of the day in enclosed spaces - inside the house, working in the office, arranging or spending time It is very natural that we want to know where we are and how to get to the next place even if it is in a closed space - just as we do in an outdoor environment with our navigation receiver and map

Galileo’s intra-structural navigation system has already undergone programming testing. The system has installed offices at the site for the purpose of examining its operation and accuracy.

In the experiment, a number of micro simulator transmitters were deployed, which created an internal navigation environment for an office floor. The results of the experiment, which can be seen in the picture, show an impressive tracking capability of the user receiver (standard Android phone) with navigation error less than two meters.

Another trial phase examined the system’s ability to simulate a real situation in which the user arrives from the building’s parking lot, enters the lobby of the building and ascends to the office floor – this is a very standard use case.

Cooperation and investments

Galileo develops and markets a variety of unique products for the field of satellite navigation. The Company’s products are designed for easy connection and addition to existing products. While ensuring the creation of flexible application – these solutions are ideal for potential partners who want to add navigation capability to an existing product

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