Pioneering software (SDR) GNSS receiver

While GPS receivers in the industry are hardware-based, power-hungry, and highly cost-effective. Galileo displays a GPS receiver in software that changes all the rules

• Reduces the cost of the receiver by 90%.
• Allows realization on small processors and minimal power consumption
• With full flexibility in everything related to changing the features and full adaptation of the receiver to the needs of the customer and its product uses (300 KB)
• The receiver is widely used in Korean company products

Requiring regular RF Front end, simple glue logic and existing platform DSP/CPU The receiver is hardware agnostic and demonstrated working on CEVA, Cadence, ARM and Intel processors.

While reducing the need for an external IC the customer gains the ability to install only the GNSS constellation required reducing inventory and solution costs, introduce upgrades (new constellation features) and updates when available.

Software based receiver presents a revolutionary cost- effective solution high flexibility solution, addressing latest trends of miniaturization and low-power consumption. A well suited solution for Location Based Services exploding market and IoT devices. collaborating with leading  DSP  providers for the mobile, digital home and networking markets.

Today’s hardware-based navigation solutions are shelf solutions that try to meet most applications under a single suit.

Galileo believes that in the new world of products, each solution has its own “measurements.”

For this reason, we have developed a system that can give each application the corresponding response exactly what brings product uniqueness, in minimalist consumption with higher efficiency and low cost.

Cooperation and investments

Galileo develops and markets a variety of unique products for the field of satellite navigation. The Company’s products are designed for easy connection and addition to existing products. While ensuring the creation of flexible application – these solutions are ideal for potential partners who want to add navigation capability to an existing product.

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