Company Vision

GALILEO SATELLITE NAVIGATION (GSN)  develop innovative line of products and solutions, pursuing the well defined civil GNSS/GPS world-wide expanding market. Through significant on-going investments in research and strong customer partnerships, we market our GNSS line of solutions.

GSN was founded by Eli Ariel in 2009 with a goal of developing GNSS technical capabilities and knowhow in Israel what served later on as a strong foundation for GSN to become a commercial company.

The company established and lead two consortium iGalileo and GRAETS. Both consortia brought together leading industrial and academic (iGalileo) partners, combining market access with the most advanced research capabilities.

About us

GSN possesses unique expertise and know-how as well as IP and commercial assets, gained through years of experience of its founders in the GPS and Galileo systems.

GSN technology focuses on the following area

GNSS software receiver – Pure software receiver bringing low cost flexible solution to mobile phones, Internet of Things, handheld devices, vehicle information systems, telecommunications, meteorology, marine, location based security, military, timing devices and many more applications.

GPS Indoor navigation system – patented technology for turning any sheltered area with no GPS signal reception to a fully covered area enabling the end user to continue navigation seamlessly.

Our team

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