In Door Navigation

People spend most of their day indoors either at work or for pleasure

Extending the currently vast use of outdoor navigation to the indoors

Location Based addvertising

Enabling the “booming” market of location based services, coupons and advertising

First Respondenr's

Security and First Responders require accurate position information for fast response

Indoor navigation is considered to be the next important breakthrough in GNSS navigation. It has implication on security and rescue as well as marketing and sales.

Many companies have tried to overcome this dilemma by suggesting various new technologies or technology combinations. Many of them require new infrastructure, application and on line data connection.

Galileo Satellite Navigation developed a Native Indoor navigation infrastructure based on GPS technology providing smooth indoor and outdoor navigation for any GNSS enabled device.

Patented (Granted) technology providing native Indoor navigation infrastructure with no WiFi /Bluetooth aid.

Our Patented technology combines our key IP into a single solution that synthetically simulates the exact satellite sky map from the outside and reproduces it inside thus enabling the native GNSS receiver to continue and work seamlessly.