Pioneering software (SDR) GNSS receiver

Software based receiver presents a revolutionary cost- effective solution high flexibility solution, addressing latest trends of miniaturization and low-power consumption. A well suited solution for Location Based Services exploding market and IoT devices. collaborating with leading  DSP  providers for the mobile, digital home and networking markets.

Software based GNSS receiver requires external low cost RF Front End and a low cost existing DSP or CPU to run on. As in most cases such processors already exist in the system there is no additional cost to the BOM but rather better resource utilization resulting in great savings. Adding to this the flexibity of the GNSS software and you have the most customizable and price performance solution.

Galileo Satellite navigation software GNSS receiver solution

Requiring regular RF Front end, simple glue logic and existing platform DSP/CPU The receiver is hardware agnostic and demonstrated working on CEVA, Cadence, ARM and Intel processors.

While reducing the need for an external IC the customer gains the ability to install only the GNSS constellation required reducing inventory and solution costs, introduce upgrades (new constellation features) and updates when available.

As opposed to the standard hardware receiver convention of “one size fits all” Galileo is “tailor made” flexible   solution that accommodate to the customer use cases, performance needs and system resource trade-off.